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Rock House Productions, LLC

Rock House Productions, LLC, was established to bring the creative visions of Screenwriter, Talent Manager, Director and Producer Ranelle Golden under one entity. Together with her Managing Partner, Mohan Vaidyanathan, they’ve put together a strong team of writers, Directors of Photography, Productions teams, Editors, Talent, and musicians to develop unique properties on limited budgets. Rock House currently has a variety of properties in various phases of development for television, film, and music artist. Through Ranelle, Rock House brings to the production more than 10 years of experience in its area of expertise. Rock House specializes in Indie Film, and Music Artists. Whether its on-camera, behind the camera, live performance, full film production, concerts, or even in the audience Rock House Productions is wherever Entertainment is happening. 

Rock House Productions, LLC

Rock House Productions, LLC

Hit Women: The Endings You Wish Happened

Hit Women, inspired by a true story, is a female-empowering detective drama with dark comedic undertones that follow the lives of four emotionally-charged women on their quest to rid the city of cheating companions and scumbags of all sorts. They take on all types of bad guys and bring you the endings you wished happened.



The Bridge People