Meet The Hit Women

Roz Summers is a classic beauty with a childhood past that haunts her. Roz has skeletons in her closet that often emerge during her work.  Roz is a top FBI agent with a calm demeanor, unless you hit her trigger point. This includes abuse of any kind. She might just shoot first and ask questions later. Roz was born and raised in a middle-class home that looked normal from the outside looking in. Roz’s father died when she was young, but things were going fine until her mother remarried. Now with the memories of her sexually and physically abusive step-father tucked away, she lives a seemingly normal life with her husband and kids. Roz isn’t into glamour and glitz. She prefers white water rafting to high-heels, and freckles to blush, but when Roz gets a call from Dannie Berry, her long-time friend from college, she doesn’t think twice about to joining the Dame Detective Agency. This is the perfect opportunity for delivering revenge on abusers.

Dannie Barry is not just another pretty face. Dannie was recruited into the CIA right out of college. It wasn’t long before she was one of their top operatives, spending months at a time deep undercover. Dannie almost left the CIA twice. Once when she went against the grain of her job and married. The second time when she found herself pregnant with her only child. The CIA kept pulling her back in, and she made it work. That is, until her husband took advantage of the live-in nanny situation. Now Dannie is a former CIA operative with a hardened heart and a mission like no other. Dannie doesn’t mind pulling the trigger, and her missing husband might just be proof of that. Surrounded by rumors that she killed her own husband and the missing nanny, Dannie made the decision to leave the CIA, and start her own agency. Dannie is the founder and the brains behind the Dame Detective Agency. Although, the agency is really just a cover for her team of highly-trained and beautiful Hit Women.

Ja’Zee Jones is a sweet girl. Atleast it appears that way. Piss her off and she becomes a deadly weapon with precision force. Ja’Zee learned young that being beautiful wasn’t going to protect you from a car-jacking or armed robbery on a dirt road in Georgia. The boy’s in her town played rough when trying to get Ja’Zee to be their girlfriend. At the age of fourteen, Ja’Zee decided she had enough of being manhandled and began training in MMA and boxing. It wasn't long before she could beat up guys twice her size. When she was eighteen, Ja'Zee started target practice. Some thought it was to use on her cheating boyfriend, but she liked to keep them guessing. They were surely guessing too, as Ja'Zee blossomed in a beautiful woman. Hair, makeup and nails; Ja’Zee was a walking covergirl in her town. She was most beautiful girl around, but also the most deadly. If you looked at her wrong, she’d knock you out. It kind of gave her a bad rap.

Sam Jenkins was a career Military Sniper until she was discharged for questionable actions in the killing of by-standers during a covert operation. She is a gorgeous package with a line of bodies behind her. Sam's military sniper training makes her the perfect Hit Woman. Sam doesn’t just randomly kill, but she’s always been fascinated with killing. This could be because her older brother used to bring home the animals he caught and torture them before turning them into dinner. He used to tie Sam to a chair and make her watch. At first she fought it and cried, but soon watching them die made her curious. She started collecting tails, and feet while hunting by herself. After high school she entered the Army, and it wasn’t too long before she ended up in a Special Ops unit. The business of which is still classified. Sam’s never been married, but still believes in love at first sight. Sam’s been searching for love, but keeps finding that she likes her men one of two ways: dead or in-bed. The last guy that got too close to her ended up with a gun in his face. Determined not to get too close to anyone again, she sticks to sex and tries not to learn their names.

Victoria Steele sizzles with her long legs, piercing eyes and exotic ways. Victoria is an Assassin for Hire, and is well-known around the world as "Vic, the best man there is for a HIT." Few can afford the talents of Vic, but those that can are always satisfied. Victoria grew up in the shadows of her abusive father, taking refuge in the comfort of her half-sister who also experienced abuse. They were always plotting the demise of the evil monster in their house called, "Daddy." Unfortunately, her parents divorced and she never saw her half-sister again. An International Agency of Assassins recruited Victoria during an MMA competition in college. To complete her missions, she expertly trained in the use of every weapon known. She soon became the top assassin, living the lavish life. That is, until one of her brother assassins tried to kill her. Vic has a taste for killing, and it doesn’t matter who the target is as long as the employer can pay the fee.

Rick Good is an all-around good guy, but he's still just a momma’s boy. Rick is smart and quick on his feet when his Momma isn’t planning his every move.  Rick just graduated from college, and he’s trying to slowly loosen his mother’s grip on his life. Rick has taken his first job at the Dame Detective Agency.  These women scare the hell out of him, but he’s hoping they will scare his mother too. Problem is, he might just get fired for going through their personal files and spying on them. The Hit Women are onto him, and he has no idea. Thankfully Rick makes cookies and keeps a nice office, so his job is safe for now.  Who knows! Maybe Rick will be worth keeping around? After all, the Hit Women have taken a liking to harassing poor Rick. 

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